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Castlevania Symphony of the Night box art cover
By avatar Rezliv 5 on April 26th, 2009
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Rezliv 5 [ 1 decade ago ]

This is for those of you who've downloaded this game over Live Arcade

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tleeart 45 [ 1 decade ago ]

Not anything special. Just one of the main artworks for the game, painted by Luis Royo, with an updated logo. It's not bad, but It could be more original, as well as it could use a back.

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silenig 36 [ 1 decade ago ]

Luis Royo? I'm not familiar with the various Castlevania cover art artists, but I read (from Classic Gaming Castlevania nonetheless) that the artist is called Kojima. I think Royo did an americanized PSM cover with Alucard (or I'm mistaken?) It'd be interesting to see what a box might look like with that artwork.

The logo is nice, but I think the original logo (as seen on the PSX cover) actually looks better in contrast with the art.

Edited at 1 decade ago

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