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Imagine: Toilet Cleaner box cover
By avatar lightsamus 38 on August 21st, 2009
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lightsamus 38 [ 1 decade ago ]

Just made this for a laugh. A forum I use was asking for our ideas of dullest game possible and this was my entry.


Imagine: Toilet Cleaner!

Ubisoft creators of amazing games such as Imagine: Paint Drying and Imagine: Bedtime, bring you the latest in the imagine series, Imagine: Toilet Cleaner!

For the first time ever, it's a good thing to say that our game is full of poo! You'll have a blast cleaning themed toilets from student dorm rooms, public toilets and even the Queen's toilet! You'll never know how messy the Queen is until you play!

Gameplay elements include choosing a brush type and picking your toilet cleaner between licensed brands such as Toilet Duck and Harpic!

Sometimes, it won't be so easy! There may be blockages from messy curry nights, puke stains from hen nights or messy stains from drunken bachelors who have lost their aiming prowess!

So pull out your plungers, put on your rubber gloves and get scrubbing!

Imagine: Toilet Cleaner is released on Ninten-doo-doo DS on Septic-tember 10th 2009.

Enjoy xD

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L E G E N D 1 [ 1 decade ago ]


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conkerbfdowns 1 [ 1 decade ago ]


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YamiGekusu 34 [ 1 decade ago ]

You're a genius for making this XD

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30045104 4 [ 1 decade ago ]

an 18 age rating? that must be some gory poo!

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