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Shadow the Hedgehog box art cover
By avatar photoshopfather 27 on May 1st, 2011
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photoshopfather 27 [ 8 years ago ]

Well along with Gunslinger, it's also been a while since I made a new box so here is my comeback box, Shadow the hedgehog. I've always wanted to make a shadow the hedgehog box and it seems like a lot of fun to make but I never knew when to actually make it so I decided to make it in 2011. Also, I just played the game like 3 hours ago, hence I made this box now. And this box was my inspiration...
As always, comments, faves and criticism is appreciated and I just wanna end it with ROCK ON!!!
That and credit to yoshi star for the temp.

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SirDucky9 1 [ 8 years ago ]

I really like the back but the front seems kinda bland to me. It would probably be better with something else then just red as background. Well made though 4/5

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avatar 30 [ 7 years ago ]

Please View this:

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