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Deadly Premonition box art cover
By avatar nephilim83 32 on August 6th, 2011
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nephilim83 32 [ 1 decade ago ]

Nothing special. I just wanted an NTSC version of the awesome PAL version of this awesome game. Just thought I'd share. In case the rest of you want to have your America all over your nice things. :)

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Sir Pringles 26 [ 1 decade ago ]

Well, there's ehree things bugging with this:

1) The ESRB logo. It's just a little too big, and should be moved just a few pixels to the right. It should be about the same distance to the bottom and the left edge, and the bottom distance is right. (In my opinion, that is.)

2) The small ESRB logo on the spine. It's just... off.

3) The spine vs. the back. Because the pattern on the front passes over to the spine, it's confusing to see it broken at the back.

Other than that, a mighty fine box! Well worth a fav. :)

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