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DragonBall Z Ilimited box art cover
By avatar fetcher 5 on August 18th, 2011
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Comment on fetcher's DragonBall Z Ilimited Box Art / Cover.

knuxsoul 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

Another knuxsoul DBZ comment.

1. What does "Ilimited" mean?

2. Banpresto's red lettering gets lost on the background.

3. the background itself looks generic and it's clearly not meant to be in this size.

4. Ilimited gets lost.

5. the M logo is to large and against the edge.

6. DBZ shouldn't be M.

7. SSJ Vegeta, SSJ3 Goku, SSJ4 Goku, and Trunks are stretched and clash the background.

8. The art styles of the characters clash.

9. Trunks should be sittjng on something in this pose.

10. Why isn't Trunks SSJ? The others are.

11. Why is SSJ4 Goku here? That's GT. However, GT characters have been in Z games before, so I'll forgive it.

12. The characters are just sitting there, not matching or interacting with each other.

13. DBZ logo sqished.

Other than that, good, but less good than bad.


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