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Assassin's Creed box art cover
By avatar Daemon 46 on February 23rd, 2012
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Some of you may remember my Uncharted movie box: link This is my spiritual successor to that box.

This is another fan cast/movie mock up box based on one of my favorite games. AC is known for its intriguing and deep story mixed with stylish and high-profile action. Figured a movie would be pretty cool, given the right director and cast.

Desmond Miles - Michael Fassbender
Lucy Stillman - Kristen Bell
Altair ibn-la Ahad - Pasquale Cassalia
Al Mualim - Christopher Lee
Malik - Oded Fehr
Robert de Sable - Mark Strong
Maria Thorpe - Keira Knightley
View the crew listing on the back for more info.

The template is Scorpion Solider's and the case is jevangod's. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Comment on Daemon's Assassin's Creed Box Art / Cover.

Deividas 47 [ 8 years ago ]

Only gripe i have is that the first 3 actor names on the front are almost impossible to read, besides that, I love itt

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MattStar 48 [ 8 years ago ]

Awesome job dude.

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Majidblack 49 [ 8 years ago ]

Nice and creative :D

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AgentLampshade 46 [ 8 years ago ]

Mark Strong as Robert de Sable? I...can actually picture that.

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Unknown Flames 33 [ 8 years ago ]

The far left of the logo is really hard to read, and the characters on the front look oddly lightened. Other than that, nice job.

Oh, and for a second there I thought it said "Kristen Schaal" as Lucy Stillman. Oh man that would be reallllllly weird.

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Bastart 48 [ 8 years ago ]

Great idea for a movie box, although as mentioned the actor names and the left part of the AC logo are a bit hard to read, the rest looks damn official, honestly ;)

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Artist 33 [ 8 years ago ]

Wow, very original, I love it!

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