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Crysis 3 - Killer Edition box art cover
By avatar TheRandomIndo 29 on July 2nd, 2012
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Hello everyone!

I made this box because i like the graphics of this game.
I used my own color combinations.
Because I think that the recent colors are a bit boring.
Be sure to place a comment with some feedback.
It helps me out for my next boxes.
So i can make them better and nicer.

Thanks to: Scorpion Soldier link
For the Europian PS3 Template

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Comment on TheRandomIndo's Crysis 3 - Killer Edition Box Art / Cover.

Martiniii332 49 [ 1 decade ago ]

I like it. My only issue is that the screenshots seem to be floating in the air, borders or captions would do the trick. But thats not a big deal, 4.8/5!

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FadhlurZahri 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

It look professional! Nice! 10/10

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mark_inou 48 [ 1 decade ago ]

The front looks very professional, well done !
Yet the back seems to not belong to the same box than the front. I think the problem is that you used a bright image on the front and a really dark one on the back, and the color scheme don't flows...

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TheRandomIndo 29 [ 1 decade ago ]

Yes, Thats right

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