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Shadow the Hedgehog box art cover
By avatar Static 32 on October 29th, 2012
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This Is another old idea I had from around 2010. My old account on here was Sonic the Hedgehog, just so you know. I made these around the time of that account. I always liked the Sonic "dreamcast" art style, so I always wanted too see what I could do with other sonic games, in that style. I also have a sonic heroes one from like, 2009.
But anyway, the front is made out of Kojichan on deviantart's shadow art (link)
and Dpressedsoul's work for the background (link) , I claim no credit for those.

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Lestat_the_vampire 26 [ 8 years ago ]

Cool box, bro. Looks pretty good, from what I can tell.

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Rex_the_dinosoar 33 [ 8 years ago ]


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Static 32 [ 7 years ago ]

If anyone is actually interested in that Sonic Heroes one: link

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