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Shadow and the Big Break box art cover
By avatar Ergo 40 on February 1st, 2013
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This is pretty much a salute to/fake send-off of/reboot of/whatever of Sonic X. It was originally supposed to be a humor box to make fun of generic Westernized anime (hence "Shadow and the Big Break"), but I loved the style way too much (and didn't hate the show enough).

Credits for renders and screenshots to Sonic News Network. Fonts aren't mine.

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takamura97 37 [ 1 decade ago ]

i kinda like your idea, but I don't lke the presentation that much and i also think you should change the logo and tagline style to something more fitting maybe. I do like the incorporation of the screenshots in the back

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Higashi89 48 [ 1 decade ago ]

I like it because it's different from a lot of Sonic related boxes

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