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Sonic 2 XL box art cover
By avatar Kenesis 2 on June 10th, 2013
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Here is a box I made for the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Hack called "Sonic 2 XL". It is a brilliant hack and I decided that I just had to make box art for it. Worked on this box for a nice while. All I really had to work with was a couple of low res screenshots and a few in game sprites. I added a few effects to the sky and what not so it wouldn't look too plain. I did the best I could without making anything look pixelated. View fullscreen for the best look at it, especially for the back. Credits to "Broken Hedgehog" on deviant art. The Fat Sonic Poses seen very faintly on the back of the box are from that artist.

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tuxxybrown 26 [ 7 years ago ]

oh god what is this hahahaha

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Geordie 4 [ 7 years ago ]

Awesome! how do you make it reflect though?

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Kenesis 2 [ 7 years ago ]

@tuxxybrown, a box for an "actual game". it's a hack but a very high quality hack if i might say. @Geordie, google "how to make reflection effect in photoshop".

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