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Super Mario Bros. 3 box art cover
By avatar SEMI-twisted 31 on April 17th, 2014
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So, this my fist submission. I know this cover has been done many times before but its one of my favorite box arts of all time. I just want to give it a new look. Only had enough energy to make the front, making the logos took everything out of me.

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lucidhalos 43 [ 5 years ago ]

I like the palette and the new twist to it with making things 3D, but I think if you had gone all the way and created a back to it, it would have really been awesome. You may have put a lot of energy to the front, but you could have waited it a bit longer and did a complete box.

As it stands, it kind of reads like a poster rather than game cover.

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SEMI-twisted 31 [ 5 years ago ]

I completely agree. I thought I would go of a more simple look, but finishing the back would have made a big difference. In the future ill come back to this and finish it.
Thanks for your input!

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