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Red Dead Redemption box art cover
By avatar HolyCowfartsBatman 38 on January 26th, 2015
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This is really nothing special, just been playing a lot of this game on PS3 recently and thought I'd do a very quick box for it, felt like doing something a little different to the "blood red" look most RDR boxes have. :)

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Vince_1990 47 [ 9 years ago ]

Nice, i like the vinatge look.

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FrankBedbroken 46 [ 9 years ago ]

Liking it a lot, although I feel like an ESRB logo and Rockstar logo should be on the front, but, I'm going to guess you did it to give it a more artsy feel. Still, really good! :)

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HolyCowfartsBatman 38 [ 9 years ago ]

Hey there! Thanks for the comment! :)

Yeah, I deliberately left it out to focus more on the art style. I originally was going to remove the template and just have the "Xbox 360" logo at the top, but I quite liked the coffee stained look of the template, so I decided to keep it. :)

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