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Animal Crossing: Hourly Themes Collection box art cover
By avatar Tristan55 1 on April 24th, 2015
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Well fokes, i abandoned my VGBoxArt account after 2 years ago, but, i decided to back in this year to submit my custom box arts and fakes. My CD Album is made by GIMP and i have deviantart account.

I'm addict to play Animal Crossing, so, i created a Fake CD Album for fun

Thanks to rush57 from DeviantART to use the grass background link

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Paper 41 [ 7 years ago ]

okay so I too am addicted to the animal crossing soundtrack, so I feel you there. first of welcome back to the site! you have improved a lot in the last couple years! but besides the obviously issues of the back being super super text heavy, and sure there is alot of songs in the game but you could of organized it in a way that's more appealing like idk "Days" "Nights" "Holidays" or something i dont know haha, also the animal crossing sign thing is a little odd and just looks pretty out of place you'd be better of having a character or something, with the front the structure is pretty good maybe a little plain in the right corner and the logos at the bottom seem too big aswell, its pretty okay structure wise, the biggest issue I have is the the different art styles for each character which is super strange to me you know like it wouldn't be as noticeable between the Smash 4 villagers and the new leaf maybe? KK but the 2D in there just looks so weird and out of place, so just be careful about that in the future, like mixing art styles never really works unless its done really well, like something like Yoshistar's "Nintendo Vs Capcom" or something, either way welcome back to the site dude, keep with it you'll get there!

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Tristan55 1 [ 7 years ago ]

thanks a lot buddy, I glad to bring back on this web site *hugs*

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