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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt box art cover
By avatar RodvtPetrick97 7 on September 19th, 2015

part of my Witcher: Complete Collected Works collection

complete set renders: link

complete set printables: link

not pictured: Xbox One/PS4 versions of this cover

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Matknapers18 40 [ 5 years ago ]

Wow, I love it. The simplicity works perfectly. This is so awesome, one of the best Witcher 3 boxes on the site for me. Not sure if you made it, but the border featuring the cast signs is so creative. Nice work!

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RodvtPetrick97 7 [ 5 years ago ]

Thank you! I only assembled them, the actual assets were from the official Witcher 3 website. Somebody on reddit months ago posted Adobe Illustrator versions he had made while contracted by Amazon Games, so I had to just use them :D

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HolyFad 37 [ 5 years ago ]

I love it. The minimalism works great. Good job.

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