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Neverwinter Nights box art cover
By avatar Takahashi2212 40 on December 8th, 2015
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Neverwinter Nights is a 2001 cRPG developed by Bioware, and can be considered a spiritual predecessor to Knights of the Old Republic (Fun fact, much like KOTOR, Neverwinter Nights 1 is made by Bioware, while the second game was made by Obsidian). The game is set in the D&D Forgetten Realms module, stars your featureless character as you, a companion, and your familiar travel through the town of Neverwinter, and the Forgotten Realms trying to find 4 monsters to create a cure for a disease currently plaguing the quarantined town of Neverwnter.

The game is an amazing cRPG, and if you like KOTOR, you undoubtedly will enjoy this game. It's very heavily based in D&D rules (I believe the game uses 2nd edition rules), so be in for a lot of "2d6", and shit like that.

This box is meant to be a part of the Goodnight Competition 2015. I tried my best to capture a feeling of closure, and to capture a dark theme.

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