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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom box art cover
By avatar zorbic 25 on July 2nd, 2017
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Ni No Kuni II for the PS4 custom box art (upcoming game, not yet released).
Thanks to Moebius for the WIP feedback.
All feedback welcome.

[ Box updated on November 23rd, 2019 ] [ original ]

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Sarashi 45 [ 3 years ago ]

I feel like it's missing a big "focus point" on the back, whether it be a large render or a tagline because at the moment it's feeling a bit lacking and text-heavy. Perhaps eliminate the middle block and put the tagline there? The front Level 5 logo's outer glow is also too high a radius and should be more compacted around the logo because it doesn't look great at the moment. Otherwise it looks okay.

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zorbic 25 [ 3 years ago ]

Thank you for the feedback. I'll bear that it mind for my future box art.

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Maniaczek 1 [ 2 years ago ]

Is there any chance for a printable version?

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