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Donuts'n'Justice box art cover
By avatar CPT_KASRA 27 on January 13th, 2019
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Hi guys n gals i hope you all are having a great time .
so this is the Donuts'n'Justice game cover i redesigned for the mini case covers i hope you enjoy it .
this is the link to the previous art link whats your idea ? which one is better ? please comment down your ideas and comments down bellow .
peace <3

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Wolfenstein The Old 33 [ 1 year ago ]

not bad you well done this one is better than that the only thing I would not write down below is where the system requirements backup steam soundtrack incloud.......

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CPT_KASRA 27 [ 1 year ago ]

i know but i had nothing to fill there up with and the only thing availble was those and thanks for your comment <3

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