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My Little Pony: Might & Magic box art cover
By avatar SpongeBat1 3 on January 14th, 2019
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MLP really needs its own RPG like The Fractured But Whole.

MLP logo- SantaMouse23
Twilight (front), Starlight, Pukwudgie- CloudyGlow
Spike- PowerPuncher
Rainbow Dash- PsychicWalnut
Applejack- Zeegaas
Rarity, Twilight (back)- EStories
Trixie- SilverMapWolf
Luna, Fluttershy (front)- GameMasterLuna
Pinkie Pie (front)- DJDavid98
Fluttershy (back)- xPesiFeindx
Pinkie Pie (back)- Mit-Boy
Derpy- StarShineCelestal
OC Ponies- GeneralZoi's Pony Maker
Screenshot borders- Noxwyll
Front background- Quasdar
Back background- Drakizora
Subtitle/back blurb- FlamingText

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