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Superman: Mild-Mannered Edition box art cover
By avatar Adam Salter 32 on October 18th, 2019

"The 1941 Superman shorts produced by Fleischer Studios are renowned for their high quality animation and dynamic action. When the studio went out of business and the copyrights to these films expired, they entered the public domain. The Mild-Mannered Edition is an attempt to mix together a number of different versions of these movies that have been released on DVD to produce the best possible copy of each of the 17 cartoons." - David Ely

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Willy105 27 [ 10 months ago ]

The serif text at the bottom of the front ruins an otherwise lovely cover.

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Adam Salter 32 [ 9 months ago ]

Would you have preferred a san-serif font for that line or just no bottom text on the front?

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