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Zombie Bowl-A-Rama box cover
By avatar pjeigh 1 on January 29th, 2010
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pjeigh 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

This is a quick box art design I created for a job application (didn't get the box but the company loved the design).

The game is a PC download so it does not exist as a boxed game (as far as I know).

The background is part of a screen shot from the game with some tweaking (I also added some rain and brought out the green a bit more).

The logo is from the game but had to be tweaked to bring out the pin and ball and accentuate the "bowl-a-rama" part.

The hand was from an image I found online that I tweaked and colored to fit into the ball.

Ball was essentially from scratch. Zombie around the ESRB is also from the game and majorly edited to look like he's grabbing the ESRB box.

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