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Pokemon Spacial Version box cover
By avatar ibrow 1 on April 29th, 2010
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ibrow 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

#2 out of 3. Distortion Version should be up sometime tomorrow.

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Drakxxx 46 [ 1 decade ago ]

Please keep the guidelines in mind when submitting boxes here:

"It is also highly recommended that you post your box to the critiques forum first for feedback, unless you feel it's complete. Works in progress must go on the forum. If you post a box of very low quality/effort, it may be deleted. Use the critiques forum first!"

Habitually uploading box designs of very low quality and effort will label you as a spammer, and will lead to a ban.

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niososonic 19 [ 1 decade ago ]

First, don't use (normal paint)
Use GIMP or
Second,Use templates, logos etc. from resources. For renders, register at The logo isn't good either, and is mispelled. Ask somebody in the forums to make a logo.
Use tutorials on the internet (I actually never did, I learned by myself..)
good luck...

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