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Torchlight box art cover
By avatar noxio 7 on July 19th, 2010

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noxio 7 [ 1 decade ago ]

Hi everybody,

This is my third box. I hope you will like it :) Leave your comments, i will be grateful :)


1. Runic - for this amazing stylish RPG
2. Rob Dobi ([email protected]) - for amazing font "salvation" (1)
3. Somebody* - for "sexy spanish erasmus girls" font (2)
4. Blizzard - for 2 pictures used in back cover from "World of Warcraft Cataclysm©" wallpapers.

Programs used:

1. Photoshop 7.0 (very old)
2. Quick 3D Cover

Time created: ~ 2 hours

* I found this font in internet without credits. If somebody knows creators, please write, i will add proper credits.

> I used two pictures from the "WOW:C ©" wallpapers in back cover. I wanted to use Torchlight pictures, but i spotted that those pictures and wallpapers are very boring and nothing special :/

> Torchlight back cover are in Lithuanian, that's my nation laguage. If somebody will not like this i can upload it in English.

P.S. Sorry for my English :)


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gameninja 31 [ 1 decade ago ]

Man, this is really good! I forsee you got some talent, bro!

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noxio 7 [ 1 decade ago ]

#2, Thank you very much :) You also can check another my cover (2nd one) i made at same night as this one :)


Edited at 1 decade ago

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PieMonster 16 [ 1 decade ago ]

Fantastic! I love it. I just can't read any of the text.

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