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Captain America: Super Soldier box art cover
By avatar PhantomBattosai 2 on July 19th, 2011
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Ronthis the Werewolf 39 [ 1 decade ago ]

Well, you are getting better!

A few problems here:

The background is stretched, thus making it very low quality.
The Captain America render is cut out badly, and also stretched.
The Main logo is stretched. Not as much as the render and background, but still bad.
The Red Skull render is cut out badly, and stretched like Cap. And don't use that effect on him, make him normal and fade his lower part.
The "3D Compatible Game" logo is stretched, low quality, and not even cut out. Try to fix that one.
The Sega logo isn't cut out.


The background is really low quality, stretched like the front. And it's boring.
The Cap render is horribly cut out, not so much low quality, but a little. And under his right arm, it isn't even cut out.
The screenshots need more of a screenborder than just a 1x1 white border.
And that plain white text is boring, try to add detail. And text over renders/screenshots is a big no-no.
Try to add a tagline, and maybe some tabs about the game.
There's a big empty white space where the legal info is supposed to be.


You have a lot of potential as an artist, and you remind me a lot of myself a long time ago. Just keep trying, you'll get there!

If you want tutorials or tutoring, just drop me a line.

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