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Super Mario 3D box art cover
By avatar videogameman199 4 on July 28th, 2011
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Torstein 1 [ 9 years ago ]

Why is peaches castle on the front? And the logo is just ``super mario``. I know they only called it super mario at e3, but that's just because they haven't come up with a proper title yet, probably due to the lack of a proper story. Why does the back say ``includes the old flagpole``? (the old flagpole is back, big deal)and, Mario's tanooki form is not a rabbit, and it's not new... unless you're referring to an imaginary power-up of yours.
The pack shouldn't have been hand-drawn. The pictures at the back have tails, which is a good idea, but poorly excecuted. And most of them are overlapping. The front lacks an age rating, and the back has a mature rating, which is completely wrong. The front doesn't have a nintendo logo ether.

I would like to see you improve this, and i'll check it out.

edit: did you make the renders yourself, or did you download them? If you did the latter, you should credit whoever made them.

Edited at 9 years ago

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Strike the Wolf 37 [ 9 years ago ]

I want you to download GIMP. RIGHT. NAO.

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Luigi53 31 [ 9 years ago ]

Hey dude, if you can't download anything, search FotoFlexer on Google and click it, then click upload photo, it's alot better than paint -or whatever program he you use- its no download.

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