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Silent Hill 3 box art cover
By avatar SamPanic 12 on August 27th, 2011
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[ Box updated on September 1st, 2011 ] [ original ]

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twoxT 34 [ 9 years ago ]

This deserves more attention.

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Bastart 49 [ 9 years ago ]

yet so simple, but oh so effective, good job.

if you add a small description or only some sort of tagline, I'll fav,
but for now the back seems a bit to empty for my liking.

if I didn't really had an idea what this game is about, it truly won't explain it at all by looking at this box, sorry :/
if it was your intention to leave it empty, I'd like to see some more going on at the back, personally.

Edited at 9 years ago

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likes2snipe 1 [ 9 years ago ]

Wow, Amazing. where/how did you get the title? Did you brush that yourself. Awesome work by the way.

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Blackout046 1 [ 7 years ago ]

I agree with twoxT and Bastart.

-needs more attention.
-needs more detail on the back.

Though this is very well made!

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