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Undercover box art cover
By avatar Dark Failure 34 on December 28th, 2011
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Dark Failure 34 [ 9 years ago ]

Undercover? Never heard of it?
Me neither. This box was originally for the game True Crime. But since it will be released under a new name (which we do not know yet), I decided to give it the name "Undercover".
I thought this would match the game's plot.

I tried to go for an official look.

Credits to Hazzy25 for his PS Vita template.

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Biihli 1 [ 9 years ago ]

I really like this overall, but I suppose I don't like how the bottom half of the back has a big grey box behind the legal information. You could have colored all of the text black and made the white logos black. There is also nothing in the Mature box.

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aelixus 45 [ 9 years ago ]

The PS Vita template pretty boring, but I really like the design. Nice work! :D

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