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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim box art cover
By avatar artius 1 on January 18th, 2012
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My first box!
I put DAYS of work into this... I started it on December 27th, and finished it last night. Probably over 100 hours of reading tips and figuring things out and all that...
Credit to alldreamsfalldown for posting the template on the forum, not sure if it was his.

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AgentLampshade 46 [ 1 decade ago ]

Welcome to the site! Here's some general tips:

The first thing that gets me is the image quality, some of it is really blurry in full view. Try searching for more high quality images (using google images "large" search works surprisingly well.)

Also, try not to have floating renders on a box, it makes it look quite ameteurish and unprofessional. Of course, if it's a flying character, then it works well, I guess.

It's best to play around with the program you're using first, to familiarise yourself with it, some of these image programs can be pretty daunting (I swear GIMP is more complicated than Photoshop.)

Take a good look around at other boxes and read comments there, they sometimes have really good tips you can exploit.Specifically, the Hall of Fame boxes, they got there for a reason.

Finally - Utilise the newcomer Work in Progress thread - link Hopefully, there'll be a few people to help you.

Keep trying, you'll be good in no time.

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