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Sonic Generations box art cover
By avatar SuperGhostWorld 1 on February 28th, 2012
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Just a box I made for the Atari Reborn Contest. I put in a couple things in there from the games boxart. For example, the barcode is a actual barcode for the Game. I just made this for fun and I don't expect to win. :3

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Sarashi 46 [ 1 decade ago ]

It's nowhere near as bad as some of the other boxarts on here; what are you worried about? I think it looks nice, if a bit generic.

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stevanR80 37 [ 1 decade ago ]

Sorry, but it doesn't fit at all. First of all it's contradicting: meaning how are there two generations already in an atari game? I know your supposed to do any game for Wii/360/PS3 but this one is a mind fuck lol. And also the screenshot doesn't fit either. WAAAAY to many colors for an atari game. However I am glad to see a lot of people are participating in this!

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