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Assassin's Creed III box art cover
By avatar Mukar 36 on March 21st, 2012
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So, in respect of this great new assassin, my love for the Assassin's creed series has led me to creating this. So, what do you think?

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darth_mallen 7 [ 9 years ago ]

Two things: the text on the back is a little tight so might wanna think about shrinking the screenshots and leaving a little more room for the text. Also the logo on the front is a little small. Other than that it's pretty damn sweet. Fav!

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Skywalker90210 1 [ 9 years ago ]

I agree with Darth... Also, not only is the text kind of choked off, but is just bland. It needs a little more style and some sanding on rough edges on some things... but all in all its better then I can do.

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Annubis 1 [ 9 years ago ]


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