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Blink-182 and Their Family Tree box art cover
By avatar MattStar 49 on June 7th, 2012
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I started this a while back, and decided to finish it up. I love Blink, and I needed to do something for them, so here it is!

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aelixus 45 [ 1 decade ago ]

Really nice one! Love it.

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payam_mazkouri 39 [ 1 decade ago ]

I Like it, Very nice...

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Bastart 49 [ 1 decade ago ]

The front looks very vibrant (very appropiate for such a dynamic band)
and the back looks really organized and solid, great job.

I only can remember some great songs of them in the old days....
I kinda like their music, but I never really have been a big fan though.

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MattStar 49 [ 1 decade ago ]

Thanks. I listened to blink a lot when I was younger, and than in the past 3 years I've been listening a lot more and appreciating their style more. They're very unique.

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