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Batman Arkham City box art cover
By avatar frankewhite 1 on August 16th, 2012
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first ever

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AgentLampshade 46 [ 9 years ago ]

For a first, it's not too bad. Welcome to the site and other generic greetings.

The main thing that grabs me about this box is the overbearing red. It really is too strong. Try including other colours or at least soften the red effect.

The back unfortunately looks incomplete, some text and screenshots would've worked wonders (and would've done well to balance out the red.)

It's a good start though, if you work at it a bit, then you'll be good in no time.

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amia 50 [ 9 years ago ]

Welcome to VGBA , For First time , its is good , like front but with black batman not red batman . o__O

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