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Megatraveller: The Complete Trilogy box art cover
By avatar Abrao 34 on September 9th, 2012
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What it would look like if someone makes a remarke of Megatraveller?

So this is it. A tribute to old-fashioned sci-fi RPG on computer and pen & paper. Megatraveller 1 and 2 were videogames released on 1990 and 1991 on Amiga and PC. They were unusual, complex, with real fast combat. A third one was planned for 1992 but never produced.

I chose to give the look of the old RPG books of Traveller with minimalistic looks. I have the chance to find the summary for the cancelled Megatraveller 3, so I wrote down something similar to the others.

There is no screenshots. In fact, even in 1990 the graphics was less than average, except on Amiga. So today it would only look terrible.

Far Future Enterprises is the company that owns the licence of the RPG. For the company that could make an hypotetical remake, I tought to 2K Games, since it is part of Take-Two Interactive. Many of the people who founded Take-Two worked first for Paragon Software, the company that created the two videogames.

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Abrao 34 [ 8 years ago ]

Credits for the artists follow:

Engineer girl by darcad: link

Sniper by darcad: link

Male soldier by CyborgPhilosopher: link

Mercenary girl by JosephB222: link

Top right spaceship by TheNinj: link

Remaining ships and characters: MANCHU (from "Empire Galactique" and "Encyclopédies Galactiques 1 &2" books).

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Martiniii332 48 [ 8 years ago ]

Very nice, good job.

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Sarashi 45 [ 8 years ago ]

This is a great throwback to the game covers of old, being plain but representing what the game is about with basic artwork. Good job.

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Manuel_Alejandro95 29 [ 8 years ago ]

I gotta say that I don't really like this one, Abrao. The overly simple design isn't really appealing at all in this case, even if it was based on the original designs for the books. It's not anybad, but it isn't really outstanding either.

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