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Super Mario World 3 box art cover
By avatar Count Bleck 1 on September 9th, 2012
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Sorry I haven't submitted in a while, I have just been a little busy.Anyway, Super Mario World was my favorite game of all time as a kid, so i decided to make a boxart of a sequal. And Btw, there was a Super Mario World 2, but it was actually Yoshi's island and had nothing to do with the first.

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AbandonMidnight 3 [ 1 decade ago ]

Good work, the perhaps a better colour would suit the "4 Player Co-Op" text better, as it is fairly hard to read as it is.

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dimentio64 32 [ 1 decade ago ]

I like it! The characters are a bit choppy, and what program are you using? I don't know about many others, but if you can use Photoshop, rendering is much easier and you can add strokes and gradients to text, and that makes it easier to do custom logos and such.Also, the esrb does not have a description. But this is good box, keep up the good work man! :)

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