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Trigun box art cover
By avatar darthnater 13 on September 29th, 2012

My submission for twoxT's Anime Competition 2012. Be gentle, I did it in less then a day. Box 3Ded by Manuel_Alejandro95. Screenshots made by me, sprites found various places online.

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Abrao 34 [ 1 decade ago ]

The front is ok, but the back is ugly.

The red text is poorly placed, too big, taking too much space and the font is really bland. Is that Arial black? Bad idea if it is. Plus the description for each screenshot is hard to read, the ESRB on the back is incomplete (it misses the descriptions) and there is some empty blank between the features and the copyrights. And lastly, the background picture looks fuzzy.

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but if I was you, I would keep the front and redo the back completly.

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darthnater 13 [ 1 decade ago ]

Don't apologize for being harsh, it helps out alot actually. Before I start on a redesign, does anyone know a good font to use for the description?

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