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inFAMOUS Collection box art cover
By avatar Ergo 40 on February 8th, 2013
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My first collab.

Anyways, I made the similar-to-GTA-but-supposed-to-be-comic-book box (with the help of WiP and Scorpion Soldier's template), while Deathmania made the slipcover (with Outcast's template).

[ Box updated on February 10th, 2013 ] [ original ]

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Rarity 37 [ 1 decade ago ]

Might want to upload a bigger res image, if it let's you, as a lot of detail is lost..

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Martiniii332 49 [ 1 decade ago ]


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Ronthis the Werewolf 39 [ 1 decade ago ]

You should just have one version with the original box and an update with the slipcover.

Anyways, this is really nice, great job you two!

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Bastart 49 [ 1 decade ago ]

The slipcover and the actual box don't match at all imo. and some of the images are of quite a low quality. I'm liking the comic design choice and vibrant colors on the box though (it fits in with the InFAMOUS cutscenes)

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