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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask box art cover
By avatar Crypted 29 on May 18th, 2013

I had an urge to make a box, but i didn't know what to do for it. So i settled on MM because it's my favourite of the series.
Not much else to say really. I hope you like it.

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Deividas 47 [ 8 years ago ]

did you make the mask design?

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Static 32 [ 8 years ago ]

Holy shit.

That's beautiful.
I personally think that it could use some cool effects on both the front and back, to make it look all firey / mysterious and shet. But regardless, it looks really good.

Did you make the mask on the front? Because I know I've seen that pic on the back before. Not accusing you or anything, but if it is fan art it's be good to link to the artist

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Crypted 29 [ 8 years ago ]

Info on the mask design:
I used a wallpaper that's been sitting in my computer for a while. So I dug around and found the deviant art page of the creator:

Oh man, if i knew the artist had an uncoloured version, i could have saved some time. ahaha.

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TwistedTinkerToy 43 [ 8 years ago ]

This is really awesome. I don't think it needs anything, it's great as is.

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