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Sonic Adventure box art cover
By avatar Spookz 3 on July 3rd, 2013
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Box Cover Front: MathewT
Box Cover Back: michaelanderson
Sonic Renders: JackyDik, Nikko62
Tails Renders: shadow--g
Knuckles Renders: Machiavello
Dr. Robotnik Renders: Machiavello
Gameplay Sonic: Machiavello

I also made this boxart a bit spacey so that it looks like a realistic arcade version of Sonic Adventure. I will ignore anything that says it has space in it. Because that was intended.

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SpictyTacoz 1 [ 8 years ago ]

If they remade the game for Xbox One it may not be bad, but this is an old ame and you're putting it on a new gen box, making it look mismatched. Other than wierd screenshots of not-even-gameplay and some hard-to-read text, the back is empty along with the front. You could do this a lot better, just put more time into it, get better/more renders and/or screenshots, use some contrast and color effects, maybe add in more text, something extra just to make it more appealing to the eye, ok?

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Spookz 3 [ 8 years ago ]

Yeah... I've been re-working it out. But thanks for the tip. C:

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