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Mario kart 8 box art cover
By avatar Imploive 1 on October 23rd, 2013
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This is my first box art so please give your honest opinions. I understand the back is not great so please give suggestions, thanks!

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BenBrownDesign 42 [ 8 years ago ]

1. I'm half and half with the front. I quite like the sense of dynamic because of how the image is on an angle because it gives a sense of movement and speed, which obviously relates to the theme. I would've have perhaps kept it horizontal though to give a sense of Mario turning around to look at you chasing him, which would also link with your "catch me if you can" slogan on the back.

2. Don't be afraid to add your own text to the spine. You'll see, more often than not, spines don't always have the official logo there, they'll actually have a standard sans serif font like Helvetica (used for just about everything you see commercially) showing the name of the game. This keeps the title visible without making an official logo really small or, in this case, squashing it. Be careful of that. If you're using Photoshop, always hold shift when resizing things. Stops you from squashing things and ruining the proportions.

3. As for the back, I like it, but the text needs to be more prominent, and the slang is really off-putting. I know this is your first cover but it seems a shame to spend time and effort making this cover look the best to your abilities and then decide to put "u" instead of "you".

Overall this is a very good attempt at a first cover and I think most would agree, too. There have definitely been worse attempts. Hope to see you posting more, and the best thing you can do is jump over on the forums to ask people for advice and pick at their brains. There are a plethora of talented designers here, use them to your advantage!

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