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Deadpool HD: DP Edition box art cover
By avatar LoneWulfStudios 20 on October 3rd, 2014
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More Guns, More Blood, More Babes, More Deadpool!
Everyone's favorite Merc With A Mouth is back in the HD ReRelease of his first (and only) game on the PS4.
The version includes all of DP's favorite things in better quality: pizza, killing, screwing around with wolverine, killing, fantasizing about f*cking the female X-Men, more killing, bewbzzz, even more killing, and last but not least, killing.
Enjoy this awesome mock box art cover for Deadpool!

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GameRoomProductions 42 [ 7 years ago ]

A major fault I see is all the conflicting art styles. Notice how the Deadpool on the back is different from the ones on the sides of the front, who are then different from the main one on the front. All art on the box should match.
Moving on, this box is just a tad boring, don't you think? Deadpool is very in-your-face dark and loud humor, and at the end of the day, a comic book character. This box should be a little more exciting than just a poster on the front with the same render on either side.
As for the back, maybe put the screenshots in a more orderly fashion. Try something else to make the text stand out, try effects like drop shadows and strokes. The background image itself should be more than one image too.
I see what you were aiming for, but you can do better! Try the WIP forums, they're incredibly helpful for new members. I'm excited to see what you can do here.

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LoneWulfStudios 20 [ 7 years ago ]

Thanks for The Feedback!!

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