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The Elder Scrolls VI: Hyrule box art cover
By avatar TransgenderViking 33 on October 20th, 2014

I'm not great at reflections.

So! I'm back with my second boxart! this time it's the 6th installment of the Elder Scrolls series! which I'm totally sure will be a Wii U exclusive set in Zelda's Hyrule...honest.

Constructive criticism very welcome! As well as suggestions; this is very fun.

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Vince_1990 47 [ 9 years ago ]

yea not bad, I feel you could have done more work on this though.

your reflection looks like it is meant to be a shadow. Looks at how other people do their reflections on the site and get some inspiration.

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TransgenderViking 33 [ 9 years ago ]

Yeah I need to get better at those.

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aldimon 22 [ 9 years ago ]

Nice idea ;) The reflection looks weird as fuck, though.
This is nice, nothing extraordinary. Don't get me wrong, it shows that you have potential. Keep up your work!

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