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Evil Dead: Regeneration box art cover
By avatar Warsony 43 on December 20th, 2014
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New box! New Design!

I love art and on this occasion I present this fantastic project: Evil Dead Regeneration. The cover was designed with professional tools, both images and color textures are always kept, the font used is the famous Far Cry, overall I used many techniques of color, hues, brightness and special effects. Hope you like it and you consider that the presentation is official, I would appreciate comments and opinions.

Finally, I appreciate this community, I opened the door to a new world and also respect the work of all, I like being part of this family.
Just as always thanks and criticism are more than welcome :)

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Comment on Warsony's Evil Dead: Regeneration Box Art / Cover.

Vince_1990 47 [ 9 years ago ]

I like it man. The back could do with some more work. It's a bit text heavy. Great job on the presentation though, much better

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TheTombRaider 46 [ 9 years ago ]

This is my favourite from you yet.
I love the front, it just looks awesome. The back is also very nice, although I do agree with Vince.

This is a much nicer presentation as well, but did you make the actual box a little transparent/turn down the opacity? If so, don't do that, it looks weird.

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Warsony 43 [ 9 years ago ]

Thank you my friend ! ^.^

I want to clarify one thing: in the presentation got a little shade of transparency to the original cover so that you can highlight the fund used. Anyway I will work on the back cover of my next projects. I do not believe it look 'weird', I think quize highlight the environment to make it more elegant as possible. I hope you understand Nathan :)

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iman pro 50 [ 9 years ago ]

See u inbox

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shirazihaa 50 [ 9 years ago ]

heh , again

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