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Paper Mario HD Trilogy Bundle box art cover
By avatar dimentio64 32 on January 18th, 2015
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2015 is Paper Mario's 15th anniversary of its release in Japan. To commemorate this, I made this box art. Hope you like it~

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amia 50 [ 9 years ago ]

too much yellow , but nice one . :")

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oxol 24 [ 9 years ago ]

I see what you're going at, and I kinda like it, but for one who have only played the Wii Version, the front doesn't make sense. I know the staff belongs to Count Bleck, but it isn't really symbolic for the game whatsoever. Mayhe the two other staffs makes more seense in their games though.
Also, every edge of boxarts and amiibo is a bit shoppy. It's a minor flaw, sure, but a flaw none the less.

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TransgenderViking 33 [ 9 years ago ]

red wii u...yes yes yes and YES!

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