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Pokémon Legends box art cover
By avatar Mukar 36 on February 28th, 2015
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What's up everybody, this is my entry for Paper's Crazy Crossover Competition, and I ended up with Pokémon and Zelda. Personally, I used to hate the idea of crossing these two over, but I think I've found a pretty solid way. This was fun to make :D

Anyway, I hand drew both Link and Zelda, took pictures of them with my phone (I don't have a scanner), put them on my computer, and colored them in.

Oh, and I haven't been able to go on the forums because for some reason the site freezes every time I do. Translation: I haven't been able to post my entry on the competition forum page :(

Well, enjoy!

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Paper 41 [ 8 years ago ]

Hey this is really cool! you've managed the blend the two styles really well actually, Awesome job with the art as well it takes aspects of both games in a real believable way, something I wouldn't think was possible!

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Vince_1990 47 [ 8 years ago ]

Good job man. Great crossover

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