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AVGN Adventures box art cover
By avatar SonixDaName99 2 on May 1st, 2015
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My second box. I just want to start by saying I like the AVGN and I have been watching him since 2008. Anyways, I started this at the end of March when AVGN made the Hong Kong 97 review but it got delayed by school work and house renovations which required that I had to be cut off from the internet for a week. I was inspired to create this because the game is great and I was wondering when it was going to be released on home consoles considering that it was announced back in 2014. While I was looking up sprites it came to my amazement that I saw an article stating that it would indeed finally come to the Wii U. It's better late than never. This was done on a 3DS box because it was easier to place the things on a smaller space than if I were to put it on something like a Wii U box.
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SonixDaName99 2 [ 7 years ago ]

I got the sprites from the front cover on this page:
The Shit Pickle sprite was from here:
Each sprite took time to edit especially Shit Pickle since it was a thumbnail while the others only had gray backgrounds.

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