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Trine 2 (PS3) (PAL) box art cover
By avatar che_don_john 1 on July 1st, 2015
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Based on Bastart's excellent NTSC version design (…). Font on back is in-game font, 'Argos'. Made using

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Paper 41 [ 8 years ago ]

taking other peoples boxes and just changing the template isn't really cool, like all means do it for your own personal use but uploading feels like your stealing bastart's work imo..

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che_don_john 1 [ 8 years ago ]

I'm not 'stealing' it. I'm not claiming any credit or passing the work off as my own. I'm not gaining anything from it or making money. I simply wanted to convert it into an EU version for anyone like me who like Basart's original but wanted a European version. I thought better to make a simple adjustment to the template than to ask Bastart to give up his own free time to do it. And I made a very clear reference to his work and linked to his original.

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DARK SPARK 44 [ 8 years ago ]


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