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SVC Chaos: SNK Versus Capcom box art cover
By avatar VidGmr1996 25 on August 11th, 2015
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Another underrated game! It's extremely fun, but it's very flawed with imbalance issues...if only a bit more polish was put on the game!

Anyways, I happen to find an unfinished version of this boxart that I made a little while back, and I decided to finish it up. It was a pretty old design, and the design itself with all the characters was quite a challenge! So, it may look a bit sloppy, although I've cleaned it up a bit. It was fun messing with the red-blue color scheme, along with making up a custom logo seen on the front cover and spine.


Special thanks to Creative Uncut for providing high-resolution pics of Nona's artwork!
More special thanks to stevencho for his Xbox template!
Some more special thanks to for their hi-res scan of SvC Chaos for Xbox Live, which I used to 'graft' over the stevencho's cover.
Even more special thanks to DARK SPARK yet again for his DVD cover template.

All characters are owned by SNK Playmore and Capcom.

[ Box updated on August 21st, 2015 ] [ original ]

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