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Just Cause 3 box art cover
By avatar WANDERLEI SILVA 25 on November 29th, 2015
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Vince_1990 46 [ 5 years ago ]

You have the same style as someone else... hmmmm. Overall Im not really a fan of the repetative nature throughout this design. 2 character renders on the front, 3 main logos overall, 3 Square Enix logos overall, 4 steam logos overall...

Also for the angle of the shots from the renders, having a plain sky background seems a little lazy and doesnt really fit. The only render it sort of works with is a parachute render.

Finally, the use of a drop shadow can make a good effect. But I feel you have over used it on this.

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AnaRchyxV2x 32 [ 5 years ago ]

These boxes have a "sketchyness" feel to them. Idk if that's just me. Maybe I feel the box is just too overloaded with stuff.

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