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Call Of Duty - Black Ops 3 box art cover
By avatar Alex Gozdecki 12 on April 13th, 2016
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my first custom game cover

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HolyCowfartsBatman 38 [ 5 years ago ]

Hey there Alex, welcome to the site! I think you misunderstand what the purpose of creating boxarts on this site is, typically you want to design something new using multiple assets, taking a wallpaper and putting the game case around it doesn't really count, I'm afraid.

I would suggest checking out render websites such as for images of characters without the backgrounds, then aside from that, Google is your friend!

Also, I'm not sure what image editing software you're using, but the two best free ones are GIMP and Paint.NET :)

Good luck dude!

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Alex Gozdecki 12 [ 5 years ago ]

i use

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HabeneroGames 1 [ 5 years ago ]

@Alex Gozdecki nice try

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