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Fallout box art cover
By avatar GoldenCraig008 14 on July 20th, 2017
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Concept Idea for the 20th Anniversary of the original Fallout game being remastered and turning it into a first person shooter. Used images from Fallout 4, New Vegas and the Fallout 1 game main cover.

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Moebius 38 [ 6 years ago ]

The front looks all right (and if it had a smaller rating) but I think this would look better if you made the reflection an actual reflection, and made that big text look better without the really strong stroke.

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GoldenCraig008 14 [ 6 years ago ]

Thanks for the feedback. I've been trying to do reflections for a while and i cant find an easy way to do it. The reason i have the strong stoke there is because it isn't as clear. I will update it soon.and try a softer stroke and find another way to do reflections.

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CPT_KASRA 28 [ 6 years ago ]

nice but you can do better at the back

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