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Sword Art Online Full Dive box art cover
By avatar zorbic 26 on September 11th, 2017
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Sword Art Online Full Dive for the PS4 custom box art (invented game, not for release, based on the idea of a Playstation VR Sword Art Online game, basically designed for fans of SAO who would love this to be a reality).
All feedback welcome.
Credit for Kirito/Asuna render: link
Credit for Aincrad render: link
Credit for Nervegear render: link

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Comment on zorbic's Sword Art Online Full Dive Box Art / Cover.

shiraziha 50 [ 6 years ago ]

not good , very basic

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zorbic 26 [ 6 years ago ]

It would be difficult to improve based on your comment. More constructive feedback would be much appreciated.

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Higashi89 48 [ 6 years ago ]

It's allright, even more compared with recent submits which are terrible, yours could receive some more work but as it is now is not bad, at least it has some organization, design-wise

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TheTombRaider 46 [ 6 years ago ]

it's not bad. the back does feel a little empty having just the background picture and the huge VR, the lack of a synopsis doesn't help with that either. the front is good but the logo could use some sort of subtle shadow or glow to make it stand out more

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